Does your water leak inside the house because of a broken gutter during the rain? Did you notice mosquitoes are more frequent now, because there’s a possibility they probably are breeding through the still water on your broken gutter? These are some of the reasons why you should have a gutter and properly maintain it to have an effective gutter system.  

This article will discuss why gutters are beneficial when installed properly and will convince you to either have a gutter installed or repaired. So, with that being said, let’s talk benefits: 


  1. Water damage prevention 

With a gutter, you can prevent possible water damage caused by the rain, from the roof, rainwater will flow down the gutter and into a drain. It would be much easier to direct the water flow and prevent it from damaging walls or getting walls and other surfaces stained with rain water mixed with soil or dust.  

      2. Doors can be preserved better 

If there’s a gutter, the water will not directly fall from the roof down to the ground. The free flow of water when there is no gutter can damage walls and doors since wind can carry water droplets that would get absorbed by the door. It can ruin the paint job, get a water stain or ruin the door entirely.  

      3. Stabilizing the soil around the house 

The soil around the house could get muddy or unstable since the water is directly falling on top of it. Walkways would be muddy and harder to clean because of the splashes of soil and water. If there is an installed gutter, you can lead the rainwater down the drain. No muddy splashes.  

      4. Problems on the foundation of the house can be avoided 

This is almost the same idea as stabilizing the soil around the house, if the foundation is built on a soil surface there is a possibility that the house can shift or sink. This is because the mixture of the soil and water created a dense texture similar to quicksand and this mixture is slowly sinking or shifting your house.  

     5. Preserves the landscaping and prevents erosion 

Erosion is the process wherein nature is the natural transporter of sand and soil EVERYWHERE. It’s an annoying thing mother nature does to you if you don’t install a gutter at your house. Soil and other things fly around when there’s a thunderstorm so expect erosion a lot. This can be minimized if you have a gutter that can help catch some of these and let it flow down together with rain water at the proper drainage. 


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