If you own a car, then it is your responsibility to make sure that the windshield is in its best form. You also have to know that the wiper blades are the ones that are mostly causing trouble to the windshield. You may have seen windshields with wiper scratch marks all over it and that’s what you should avoid at all costs.   

Windshield scratches should be handled with the urgency as cracks and rock chips. But the thing is, scratches are not removed from the windshield in the same way that cracks are repaired. If the wiper scratches are deep, then it will be necessary to replace the entire auto glass. 

Tips to Avoid Windshield Scratches 

Windshield scratches may be inevitable but you can prevent it from happening if you follow the tips listed below. To fix the problems on your windshield, it is highly recommended that you consult with an expert in windshield repair Springfield. 

  1. Clean windshields all the time. 

If you always keep the windshield clean, then you’re not likely to scratch itThe scratches on the windshield are usually caused by the sap and dirt buildup on the glass surface. You have to remove them or else they would damage your windshield when you get the wipers running. There are wiper fluids that you can use to remove the buildup but hand washing the wiper and the glass can go a long way. You must also clean the wiper blade rubber  

  1. Never run the wiper without squirting water first.

Most of the scratches on the windshield are caused by the wipers running on dry glass. Everyone must have accidentally run their wipers when it’s not raining. This is one reason why it’s very important that you keep the glass clean.   

  1. Stock up on thewiper fluid

Be sure that the fluid reservoir of the wiper is full. It also has to work properly to prevent scratching. If the wiper fluid isn’t working well, then the wiper will work on a dry glass, which is harmful as described above. Make sure that spray nozzle isn’t clogged.  

  1. Inspectthe wipers all the time 

Replace worn out wipers as soon as possible. Remember that itway cheaper to replace the wiper blade rather than the whole windshield. While you’re at it, be sure check the wiper clips as loose clips also cause scratches. It may also cause twisting and bending, thus allowing the metal parts of the wiper blade to touch the glass.   

These are the tips that you should follow to take care of your windshield. The case is different if your windshield gets damaged and the wiper blade runs through it. If there’s a crack or a rock chip on your windshield, be sure to have it repaired right away. In the same way, if the wiper blade is no longer touching the windshield or if it is causing scratches on the glass even in its prime condition, then you have to get it replaced as well. These two elements should work well together in order to keep both running smoothly.